1st International HURA TAPAIRU Ori Tahiti contest

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For several years now, the practice of ‘ori tahiti has benefitted from a growing interest and appreciation worldwide to the extent that the discipline’s enthusiasts have been working their way to French Polynesia in an ever-increasing number, seeking to appear and/or to get trained with the locals. Based on this observation, Te Fare Tauhiti Nui – Maison de la Culture launches a traditional-dances contest adapted to small formations made out of ‘ori tahiti fans from abroad and called « Hura Tapairu international ». The opening of such contest pursues two objectives: to give international and non-residents’ groups the opportunity to appear in Tahiti on one hand and to promote Polynesian culture while assessing its worldwide exposure on the other hand. As a result, and within the compass of the present contest which fosters creativity, groups will showcase original works that are inspired by French Polynesia cultural heritage.

«HURA TAPAIRU international» dances’ contest rules and guidelines here

Teaser du Hura Tapairu International 2016

From november 30th to december 3th 2016
Registration at : [email protected]
phone number : (+689) 40 50 31 12

Sponsor of the 2015 Hura Tapairu